Photo of the Duomom in Florence, Italy, at dusk I'm currently working as a programmer doing web development, but I've done IT related work for many years. I live in Sacramento, CA, which I love. I've previously lived in Santa Clara, San Jose, San Diego, and Stockton, all in California.

Here are a few of the sites where you can find me. Some are public, some are for friends only. You should know where you belong.

Social Media

Yes, I'm on Facebook. If you don't know me, though, you probably shouldn't send me a friend request because I'll just delete it. If you are my friend, you'll find a LOT of photos (I love having a smartphone with a good camera), links to stuff I find interesting or fun, and other random stuff. You may or may not find it entertaining.

I've been on Instagram for years, and have (at the time this was written) posted exactly seven times. Who knows, though, I may actually start using it at some point.


I occasionally put photos on SmugMug. These are not iPhone snapshots. Those go on Facebook. My SmugMug page is open to the public.


I belong, as a past active (and Past President) to a fantastic service organization knows as Active 20-30. The group raises money for local children's charities and hosts some great hands-on events. Look for one in your neck of the woods.