Best Slippers I've Ever Owned

Best Slippers I've Ever Owned

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I have been on a lifelong quest for good slippers, and after many (many) pairs, have finally found the perfect pair for me: The Boot, by Glerups. Read on to find out why I think they’re great, and why finding a good pair has been so difficult.

Photo of a Glerups boot

My problem with slippers is that while I want a comfortable pair that keep my feet warm, I have a serious overheating problem. With most slippers, particularly those with thick fleece or shearling liners, my feet get too hot and start to sweat. I’ve tried unlined slippers of various materials, and either they’re not warm enough, not comfortable enough, or they don’t last.

I thought I had found my perfect pair when I bought some Halfinger slip-ons, made of boiled felted wool. Felted wool is very warm, but breathable, so there is no problem with overheating. The problem with the Halfinger’s, though, was they didn’t last. After a single winter plus spring, I had worn a hole in the big toe area. Turns out I wasn’t alone - plenty of online reviews had the same issue. So, my search continued.

That’s when I found a review for the Glerups. They’re also made from boiled felted wool, but are said to be much more durable and better constructed. The reviewers at The Wirecutter had this to say:

“In addition to being the most comfortable woolen slippers we tested, these were far and away the most durable. The sample fabric we tested from the Glerups slippers on the tensile tester maxed out around 300 pounds of force (nearly double what it took to bust through the material from the Acorn slippers)—it even temporarily halted the test device. The fabric dented, but did not give out and break. To add to the durability, Glerups also constructs its slippers from a single piece of felt with an additional layer of wool for the insole, plus a sewn-on outsole (either calfskin or rubber). This means that the fabric should never separate from the sole, and the design has far fewer potential points of wear than any other slippers we looked at.”

At the time of this writing I’m just starting my fourth year with these slippers (purchased in December of 2017), and they’re still in perfect shape.

The Glerups are incredibly comfortable, warm, but don’t make my feet sweat. The boots are easy to slip into without using a hand to pull them on - just step right on in. Glerups makes three styles: the boot, a backless slip-on, and a shoe. (Note: the shoe was the least favorite of The Wirecutter review team.) All three styles are available with a soft calfskin sole (which is what I have) that’s perfect for indoor-only use, as well as a hard rubber sole (which they call a “camp sole”), good for indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re looking for a great pair of slippers that will last a long time, check out Glerups.

I purchased The Boot with leather sole. They also make The Boot with a rubber sole, suitable for wearing outside (in case you need to take out the trash while wearing your slippers!), and have several other styles, including: a shoe, a slip-on, and baby styles.

Purchase your own at any of these fine locations:

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